Comparing Safety Ratings of Sports Cars

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“Tell him, tell him”

Shortly after launching our website, a retired woman expressed concern about the safety ratings of sports cars. She encouraged me to tell her husband what is the safety rating of his 2017 Porsche 911.

His beloved 2017 Porsche 911 has a safety rating Auto Grade of D.

The wife responded, “I told you! That car isn’t safe!”

Are there Sports Cars Safety Ratings that are Good?

In the category of small luxury cars, that are also sporty, we compared the 2017 models: the Lexus IS, the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-series. Overall the three models received the same Auto Grade. The sports cars safety ratings are:



As you can see, the Auto Grade for Audi A4 is shaded. This means that we used data analytics to estimate it. The other Auto Grades are not shaded. That means that we directly calculated them from the car crash statistics. You can learn more by going to An Overview of Auto Grades.

Since we have more data on the BMW 3-series, we could produce personal Auto Grades.

The BMW 3-series is a good alternative for drivers over 51.

The Auto Grades are new safety ratings based on real crashes with real people. These are different from the traditional rating systems based on laboratory tests. These traditional rating systems give ratings that are limited to the vehicles class and size. You can read more about the differences in our blog on making comparisons or you may enjoy listening and looking at a graphical comparison.

Car buyers may want to make a comparison with other safety rating systems, the 5-star safety ratings and the ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. All three of these sporty, small luxury cars get 5 stars from the federal rating system and are top safety picks from the Insurance Institute.

These safety ratings will help you to choose a car with confidence for protecting your family. For pricing and other features, we found that the US News and World Report provides a useful tool for comparing costs and features. This will get you started.

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