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Auto Grades are car rankings based on real-life crash data, not controlled experiments in laboratories. For the first time ever, The Auto Professor empowers car buyers with unbiased, real information about a car’s actual performance in protecting real people on the road.

Each Auto Grade is based on a vehicle’s historical crash experience, i.e. which drivers walked away from the worst crashes and which did not. Using 30 years of extensive auto safety knowledge coupled with data mining expertise and federal crash statistics, the data scientists at The Auto Professor have evaluated the historical protection level of over 4,000 make-model-model year vehicles.

Applying an easy-to-understand ranking from A (the best protection) to F (the worst protection), The Auto Professor gives you the power to compare the ranking of small cars versus midsize SUVs versus pickup trucks. No fine print, no restrictions…just meaningful differences.

Working together to create a world where everyone walks away from a crash.