• The Auto Professor's rating system is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to protect their family on the road. Living in the Washington DC metro area, there is no shortage of aggressive and dangerous drivers on the city streets and highways. Knowing that I have an A-rated vehicle gives me confidence and peace of mind, especially with my infant daughter in the backseat.

    Dan Male Age 31-50, Washington D.C.
  • Recently my husband and I were in the need to purchase a new vehicle. We needed something to suit his daily commute and hobbies but most importantly, something SAFE! After we narrowed it down to a few options we used The Auto Professor to help us make our final decision. He has a fairly lengthy commute and its's nice have a little peace of mind knowing that he's truly in the safest vehicle we could find for our needs.

    Linda B. Female Age 31-50, Gilbert, AZ
  • I appreciate the accurate statistics behind the information and the easy access to information provided by the Auto Professor's Auto Grades for determining the safety of a car. And her rating was proven true when my VW Golf was totaled and I walked away. Many smaller cars wouldn't have allowed me to survive that bad a crash. It makes sense to trust real stats over crash-test dummy infor when determining which car to buy. And I bought another Golf because it measures up well on the Auto Professor's Grading system.

    Maria M. Female Age 51+, Mesa, AZ
  • My husband and I are both over 50 and had just discussed getting a car (larger sedan and suv were what we were thinking) when I heard about you and your work so I headed over to your website and was impressed with what I learned.

    R. L. Metro Phoenix
  • As a parent, spouse, and woman, I appreciate that The Auto Professor empowers me to make informed decisions about the right car for my needs. I was shocked to learn about the limitations of the star method, and I value the way The Auto Professor has reinvigorated the consumer-driven (no pun intended) conversation around shaping the automotive industry into its safest form. Thank you for the work you do. I recommend you to anyone and everyone I know considering buying a new car.

    Shelley R. Eugene, OR
  • Safety is one of my top concerns when shopping for a car. When I learned about how Auto Grades provide safety ratings using actual real life crashes, I felt more certain about the car’s safety and its ability to protect my family. I was able to compare the Auto Grade of my existing car to cars I was looking to purchase, and it was clear that it was time to trade-in my existing car for a safer one.

    Donna D. Female Age 31 - 50, Chandler, AZ
  • The Auto Professor website provided me with invaluable information about the best car match for me, personally. By browsing through the Auto Grades and Car Safety Guide, I learned about things that I didn’t even know I should be concerned about.

    Cynthia M. Female Age 51+, Marblehead, MA
  • It always struck me as odd that something as small as a Mini Cooper could get 4 or 5 stars, but it never occurred to me to check the fine print. I think it’s great that you don’t need fine print to use Auto Grades – what you see is what you get. Plus, now that The Auto Professor has taught me how to interpret the star ratings, I feel confident that I can use all the safety information at hand to choose my next car.

    Brian R. Male Age 23 - 30, Scottsdale, AZ
  • You can have an inkling that something might not be the safest, but that’s different than knowing it. I loved my old Civic, and yeah, it was feeling a little shaky as it aged but it was still running great. Then I looked up the Auto Grade, and realized that it only had a C-…both overall and for a woman my age. That brought it home and made me see that it really was time to graduate from my old college car!

    Jenny B. Female Age 31-50, Seattle, WA
  • Good approach. Great work. I intend to share this broadly and compare and contrast with other evaluation systems. I wish you great success with this work saving lives. You are making a difference. Thank you.

    J. W. Male, Age 51+, Recipient of AZ National Safety Council Distinguished Service to Safety Award
  • My twenty year old daughter was rear ended in a 08 Civic, at college in Orange about a month ago, while stopped behind a cop who had stopped for no reason. Distracted driver, driving at high speed slammed her into the cop car. She's fine thank God. Civic is totaled. Of note the Honda has a steep slopping nose and I'm so thankful that the Honda hood was not pushed under the cop SUV rear end. The article that Ms Hubele is featured in, (SanTan Sun News), arrived as I'm looking for a replacement for the Civic. We had been planning a CRV but now after your VERY exciting website tool, I feel the decision will change. Anyhow THANK YOU for your work, your diligence and your desire to help us to keep all of our loved ones safe. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    J. T. Male Age 31-50, Chandler, AZ
  • My old car's less-than-stellar Auto Professor rating was so compelling (and just a little shocking!) that it is the entire reason I purchased a new car. My 2011 Prius received a C rating, and with two little kids in the backseat, that certainly wasn't good enough. With the help of The Auto Professor as a research tool, I waded through the myriad of options, and chose a 2016 Audi Q5 (A grade!), and I'm thrilled with my choice. Whether you're buying a new car, or choosing the right used car, The Auto Professor provides critical, possibly life-saving safety data that just isn't available anywhere else. The more you know!

    Laine C. Female Age 31-50, Alameda, CA

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