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Why Do You Need a Personal Auto Grade? The Auto Professor Explains

Personal Auto Grades give you a great advantage over other car safety rating systems. Why is this important to you? Consider this:
• Are you the same driver you were twenty years ago? It’s likely that your driving style has changed over the years.
• Does your partner drive in the same way that your newly licensed teenager does? Of course not. Teenagers are more likely to be killed by road crashes than anything else.
• Does your senior parent have different protection needs from their automobile? Statistically, older drivers are more likely to be injured in a car crash than younger people, so their needs for a safe car are also different.

That’s where The Auto Professor comes in. Because we’re dedicated to helping you choose the best car to protect each driver, we’ve created Auto Grades. This easy to understand safety rating empowers you to find the safest car for your specific driver, not just an anonymous car crash dummy.

Face Masks & Seat Belt Safety: How to Change Habits

These arguments against wearing face masks are nothing new. The same refrains were used in the 1980s by those who opposed government mandates on wearing seat belts. Yet seat belt safety is real. As a car safety expert, I think the history of seat belt adoption can teach us a lot about whether mandates work and how we might save more lives in the COVID-19 era.

How to Buy a Used Car in Arizona (and Make Sure It’s Safe)

If you want to buy a used car in Arizona, these are the things to keep in mind. The Auto Professor tells the how and why, especially how to make sure it is a safe used car and the safest for you and the drivers in your family. Read on…The Auto Professor explains.

Can You Buy a Car Without Test Driving It First? Yes!

It is possible to buy a car without test driving it first. Here’s how! If you want to buy a car without test driving, there are several things to decide on first and keep in mind. When and how do you check safety? The Auto Professor explains.

Young Driver Safety Tips: Shattered Phone Screen

Our young driver safety tips start with picturing a shattered phone screen. Now picture the shattered windshield of a car. The Auto Professor’s safety tips for teen drivers…

Safe Driving in Phoenix and Maricopa County

Are you driving in Phoenix? Then you will want extra protection to stay safe.
If you live in Maricopa County, AZ and drive a car, then you want to pay special attention. In 2018, 490 people died as a result of vehicle crashes in the county. That number is a 33% increase since 2014. In this article, The Auto Professor discusses several tips for driving safely in Phoenix.

The Safest Minivan of 2018, 2019, and 2020

When is finding the safest minivan the biggest concern in someone’s life? A friend of mine is currently having that moment. “We are in the market for a minivan!” That is how my friend Julie recently announced that she was expecting twins. When the twins arrive, Julie will have three children under 7 years of age. That means three child safety seats, which makes a minivan the obvious choice. And she wants the safest minivan. How does The Auto Professor help her find the safest minivan for her growing family? Read on…

Comparing Compact SUV Safety Ratings

Concerned about compact SUV safety ratings? Here is a head-to-head comparison for several of the most popular models. Read about how they compare here and then do your own search.

How to Shop for a Car: When to Check the Auto Grade

How to Shop for a Car That is Safe: When You Should Check the Auto Grade In this video, Alexa and Norma discuss the best time to use the Auto Grade. If you want to know how to shop for a car that is safe for you and your drivers, you’ll want to watch. Alexa: […]

Compare Car Safety Ratings: How to Navigate Auto Grades

How to Navigate Auto Grades and Compare Car Safety Ratings In this video, Norma explains to Alexa how to easily compare car safety ratings by using Auto Grades. Alexa: So, Norma, as you know, I am in the market for a new vehicle and I have three cars in mind. And going on your website, […]

Car Accident Data Sets: Where Do You Get Your Data?

How Do You Get Your Car Accident Data Sets? In this video, Alexa and Norma talk about the car accident data sets that are the basis of Auto Grades and where they come from.   Alexa: So Norma, walk me through exactly where do you pull the data and how? I know there’s different types […]

Car Crash Test is Not Enough: Auto Grades Factor in Outside Elements

How Auto Grades Factor in Outside Elements and Go Beyond a Car Crash Test In this video, Alexa and Norma talk about how insufficient a car crash test is. Auto Grades take more than that in to consideration. Alexa: So, as a driver we love to travel, take the road trips. And as we cross […]

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