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A Lesson in Automation: Woman Beats Machine

A federal study nearly two decades ago found that human drivers were flawed. In fact, the study said 94 percent of all crashes had some degree of human error, though it avoided saying humans “caused” the accidents. This study spurred safety experts and carmakers to push for automation. The idea is that self-driving cars will […]

Driverless Taxis for Elderly Lack Humane Element

It was hard for my mother to give up her driver’s license at age 92. But her small community in Massachusetts had a taxi service, supported by the city, to take her wherever she wanted to go in town for 25 cents. I remember her consciously collecting quarters that would take her to the grocery […]

Car Safety for Seniors at a Crossroads

Drivers 70+ are more likely to be involved in intersection-related crashes than middle-aged drivers. Data also shows seniors struggle to turn left at signalized intersections, are more likely to be struck when there is no signal, and they are 4 times more likely to die in side-impact crashes. Risk Factors Why? One unpleasant truth is […]

Seeking a Technology Fix to a Social Problem

Phoenix news recently reported a 28-year-old mother who was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on US 60. A sad, but common story about the impact of impaired driving. Federal regulators are seeking a solution. In January, they published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The objective is to solicit information on […]

Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe?

How do we know that autonomous vehicles (AV) are safe for nationwide deployment? This simple but fundamental question plagues industry, government officials and the public, at large. The recent events reveal the fundamental problem limiting nationwide deployment of AVs. On October 2, 2023 a Cruise AV hit a pedestrian in San Francisco. Follow-up investigations exposed […]

Mercedes-Benz’s Powerful Self-Driving System and the Challenges Ahead

The self-driving future is approaching rapidly as Mercedes-Benz obtains approval to sell vehicles with a powerful self-driving system in Nevada and California. These cars take on most of the driving responsibility and accept the blame for any errors, creating waves in competitor boardrooms and courtrooms. However, questions linger for drivers like us. The Society of […]

Pedestrian Safety in the US: A Slow Road to Progress

Rising Pedestrian Fatalities The number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States is on the rise. Over the past decade, pedestrian fatalities from car crashes have increased by more than 46%, accounting for nearly 1 in 5 of all motor vehicle tragedies. Finally, the government is taking action to protect pedestrians by proposing a stick […]

Increasing Reliance on Recalls: Addressing Car Safety Challenges

The Tragic Consequence of Car Safety Issues: Anton Yelchin’s Story The untimely death of 27-year-old Anton Yelchin, famous for his role in “Star Trek,” serves as a poignant reminder of the car safety issues our nation faces. Yelchin lost his life when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backward on his steep driveway, tragically pinning […]

Safest SUVs for Women Under 50

What is the safest SUV for women under 50? These vehicles typically built on the chassis of a pickup truck offer young women a lot of protection in a crash. In our blog, Why Women Need More Protection in Cars, we talk about the differences in biology and protection between women and men in cars. […]

Safest Sedans for Women

What is the safest sedan for women? Is there really a difference in vehicle safety for women and men? Yes, because biologically, women and men are different. We discuss these differences in our blog Why Women Need More Protection in Cars. In a nutshell, car safety has been designed with the young male body in […]

2023 Auto Grades Updated

We are excited to announce Auto Grades for the model year 2022! Rating nearly 5,200 vehicles, more than any other car safety rating system.

Safest SUVs for Women Over 50

What is the safest SUV for women over 50? This is a good question because not all SUVs protect women and men, equally, especially as we age. Whereas men are more likely to be in a crash, women are more likely to be severely injured when a crash occurs. This is due to the fact […]

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