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J. D. Power Dependability Ratings Used in Combination with Auto Grades

J.D. Power’s vehicle ratings and The Auto Professor’s Auto Grades rely upon totally different data for different purposes. J.D. Power has been collecting data on customer satisfaction since 1968, and publishing studies on vehicle Quality, Dependability, and Performance annually.  Their broad studies are based on a sample of data collected from car owners, using questionnaires […]

Auto Grades Provide the Missing Piece of Safety Information to Supplement Consumer Reports

The Auto Professor and Consumer Reports provide different information for car buyers. Consumer Reports recently published its 2019 Auto Issue, containing multiple lists of ranked vehicles. The included information isn’t comprehensive enough to to give you the full story on the safety of a potential new car purchase, however. At The Auto Professor, our sole […]


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and The Auto Professor rate car safety differently. Laboratory Testing (IIHS) vs Real Experience (The Auto Professor) Laboratory rating systems are always limited. When IIHS TOP SAFETY PICKs are selected based on the results of their laboratory crash tests, the awards are always within class and size categories. As […]

How “Murphy’s Law” Helped Make Our Roads Safer: Seat Belt History

Murphy’s Law is a widely used phrase that means, “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.” This idea has been around a long time, but where did it originate? There are a few different versions, but one links it to seat belt history. In 1949, Dr. John Paul Stapp, a medical officer at […]

The Auto Professor Receives Child Seat Safety Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Auto Professor® Goes Back to School to Help Parents Better Protect Their Children on the Road PHOENIX (January 28, 2019) — National automobile safety expert and founder of The Auto Professor®, Dr. Norma Hubele, became certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) earlier this month. Administered through the prestigious international […]

What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Young Drivers on the Road

Road crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths annually. For many parents, handing their teenager the keys to the car can be very scary. That fear for your young drivers is not irrational. It’s founded in real statistics. Every year, according to the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), road crashes are the leading […]

More Information Worth Knowing about Forward Collision Warning & Automatic Emergency Braking

Sorting out new crash avoidance and driver assistance technologies like automatic braking system can be very difficult. In 4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car with Forward Collision Warning & Automatic Emergency Braking, you find an introduction to get started learning about these systems. You can also find some important questions to ask your […]

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car with Forward Collision Warning & Automatic Emergency Braking

An estimated one in five accidents could be prevented (or reduced in severity) if Forward Collision Warning systems were standard equipment on all cars. With statistics like that, it may be worthwhile getting this feature on your next car. But, we think that you need to know more. In this Car Safety Guide, we help you to understand forward collision […]

Older Drivers: Getting Educated

As the Baby Boomers reach retirement age, the number and percentage of licensed drivers 65 and older has been steadily increasing. Elderly drivers statistics are stunning: In 2016, there were 41.7 million drivers aged 65 and older, making up nearly one-fifth of licensed drivers in the United States. By 2030, the US Census Bureau estimates that […]

Safety vs. Protection

How to choose the best car for you? Based on protection. You and your family do everything right. Pay attention when you are driving. Use seat belts and turn signals. Brake responsibly. Properly buckle your children into appropriate car seats. No texting. No drinking. So, can you say that your family is safe? Does it […]

The Auto Professor is Shaking Up the Auto Industry with Real World Safety

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Auto Professor® Set to Shake Up the U.S. Auto Industry with Real World Safety Data to Fully Inform Car Buying Consumers Website Launch Is a Game Changer for How Consumers Will Choose and Purchase Cars PHOENIX (October 24, 2018) —  Today world renowned car safety expert and Arizona State University Engineering […]

Case Study: Car Shopping for Expectant Parents

With a new baby on the way, engineer Brian and physician Emma felt it was time to go shopping for a “safety mobile” to properly protect their impending precious cargo. Brian, an engineer, and Emma, a doctor, had a baby on the way. They were already concerned about fitting the mountain of equipment babies seem […]

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