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A Mother’s Advice On Electric Vehicles

“Hey Mom, can I take the Ferrari out for a spin?” Few parents are going to fall for this one. We know our kids don’t have the experience or maturity to control the high horsepower of a sports car. Parents are unlikely to grant their teenagers’ request to take the Ferrari out for a spin […]

The Impact of Distracted Driving on our Roadways

Distracted driving is a serious issue on the roads today, and it is a leading cause of motor vehicle crashes. When a driver’s attention is diverted from the task of driving, even for a few seconds, it can have catastrophic consequences. Distracted driving can take many forms, including texting or using a phone, eating or […]

Women Finally Get a Seat in Car Safety Tests

A breakthrough in car safety was recently put to the test. A European-sponsored team, led by Swedish investigator Dr. Astrid Linder, announced the creation of a female crash test dummy. The device is biofidelic, which means it looks, moves and twists in ways that resemble the female body. After more than a half-century of car […]

Safest Sedans for Women

What is the safest sedan for women? Is there really a difference in vehicle safety for women and men? Yes, because biologically, women and men are different. We discuss these differences in our blog Why Women Need More Protection in Cars. In a nutshell, car safety has been designed with the young male body in […]

Safest SUVs for Women Over 50

What is the safest SUV for women over 50? This is a good question because not all SUVs protect women and men, equally, especially as we age. Whereas men are more likely to be in a crash, women are more likely to be severely injured when a crash occurs. This is due to the fact […]

Safest SUVs for Women Under 50

What is the safest SUV for women under 50? These vehicles typically built on the chassis of a pickup truck offer young women a lot of protection in a crash. In our blog, Why Women Need More Protection in Cars, we talk about the differences in biology and protection between women and men in cars. […]

Don’t Drive Your Daughter’s Car

There are a lot of factors that contribute to being protected in a car crash. The gender and age of the driver are two very important ones. That’s what makes Auto Grades a powerful tool. It is the only car safety rating system that provides rankings by gender and age. As Baby Boomers reach retirement […]

Why Women Need More Protection in Cars

Is there really a difference in vehicle safety for women and men? Yes, and here is why. For decades, when it comes to safety, cars have been designed with the male body in mind. At the federal safety testing laboratory, the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) uses a silicon-rubber-steel dummy as a human surrogate in […]

Who’s to Blame When Self-Driving Cars Kill?

The first U.S. felony case involving a driver using a partially automated driving system began recently in California. Limousine driver Kevin George Aziz Riad had his 2016 Tesla Model S on Autopilot when it ran a red light, crashed into a Honda Civic, and killed two people in 2019. Edward Walters, an adjunct professor at […]

Comparing Volvo vs Subaru Safety Rating

How do you compare Volvo to Subaru Safety Rating? Volvo cars are historically considered “the safest cars.” But that was when it was a Swedish company. Now that it is held by a Chinese group, are Volvos still the safest cars?

Public Raises Weighty Issue in Car Safety Rating Update

You know how scary driving in urban traffic can be. You also sense that you’re safer in a bigger, heavier vehicle equipped with modern safety devices. But should there be limits on how big an automobile can be? Numerous Americans concerned about the growing size gap they see on our roads recently urged the U.S. […]

2023 Auto Grades Updated

We are excited to announce Auto Grades for the model year 2022! Rating nearly 5,200 vehicles, more than any other car safety rating system.

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