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How to Shop for a Car: When to Check the Auto Grade

How to Shop for a Car That is Safe: When You Should Check the Auto Grade In this video, Alexa and Norma discuss the best time to use the Auto Grade. If you want to know how to shop for a car that is safe for you and your drivers, you’ll want to watch. Alexa: […]

Compare Car Safety Ratings: How to Navigate Auto Grades

How to Navigate Auto Grades and Compare Car Safety Ratings In this video, Norma explains to Alexa how to easily compare car safety ratings by using Auto Grades. Alexa: So, Norma, as you know, I am in the market for a new vehicle and I have three cars in mind. And going on your website, […]

Car Accident Data Sets: Where Do You Get Your Data?

How Do You Get Your Car Accident Data Sets? In this video, Alexa and Norma talk about the car accident data sets that are the basis of Auto Grades and where they come from.   Alexa: So Norma, walk me through exactly where do you pull the data and how? I know there’s different types […]

Car Crash Test is Not Enough: Auto Grades Factor in Outside Elements

How Auto Grades Factor in Outside Elements and Go Beyond a Car Crash Test In this video, Alexa and Norma talk about how insufficient a car crash test is. Auto Grades take more than that in to consideration. Alexa: So, as a driver we love to travel, take the road trips. And as we cross […]

Car Safety Rating Systems and Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions of 5-Star Car Safety Rating Systems In this video, Alexa and Norma discuss common misperceptions about car safety rating comparisons and what they mean.   Alexa: So, Norma, can you tell me a little bit more about what’s a common misconception towards the grading system, or “the five star safety rating”, if you […]

Finding the Safest Used Cars: Data Background Applies to Auto Grades

Find Your Safest Used Cars: How Her Data Background Applies to Auto Grades In this video, Alexa asks Norma about her professional training and how it applies to helping you find the safest used cars. Alexa: Given your extensive background in data and research, how have you applied this into your grading system … into, you […]

Comparing Volvo vs Subaru Safety Rating

How do you compare Volvo to Subaru Safety Rating? Volvo cars are historically considered “the safest cars.” But that was when it was a Swedish company. Now that it is held by a Chinese group, are Volvos still the safest cars?

Safest Cars for Teens and Young Drivers

Picking the safest cars for teens can be difficult. You want to keep them safe and they want something fun. The Auto Professor can help! Read more…

Football and Vehicle Safety Ratings

What can football teach us about vehicle safety ratings? The Auto Professor suggests that car buyers should have higher expectations of rating systems. Just like helmet safety, they should be kept up to date.

What is the Safest Midsize SUV?

What is the safest midsize SUV? It all depends on who you are; not all drivers are protected equally in the same car. Some midsize SUVs protect you better than others; we know this based on actual crash data. We believe that real data are preferable to standardized tests with dummies. You are not a dummy.

Comparing Safety Ratings of Sports Cars

“Tell him, tell him” Shortly after launching our website, a retired woman expressed concern about the safety ratings of sports cars. She encouraged me to tell her husband what is the safety rating of his 2017 Porsche 911. His beloved 2017 Porsche 911 has a safety rating Auto Grade of D-. The wife responded, “I […]

A Health Resolution: Get Your Car Safety Rating

We love a good statistic at our car safety rating site The Auto Professor. But the numbers around keeping New Year’s resolutions are pretty dire. Resolve to Keep Your Family Safer on the Road While some 60 percent of people make resolutions, only 8 percent of us will actually achieve them. And when it comes […]

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