A Health Resolution: Get Your Car Safety Rating

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We love a good statistic at our car safety rating site The Auto Professor. But the numbers around keeping New Year’s resolutions are pretty dire.

Resolve to Keep Your Family Safer on the Road

While some 60 percent of people make resolutions, only 8 percent of us will actually achieve them. And when it comes to health-related resolutions like eating right or getting in shape, most of us lose motivation by January 12.

Resolve to Save Lives

Our take is that most resolutions are far too complex. They require a series of behavioral changes – such as wake up earlier, wash more workout clothes, visit the grocery store and cook more often – that run counter to the demands of modern life.

So here’s a simple resolution to make:

Look up the safety rating of your car today, and then share our car safety comparison tool with someone you love.

It’s going to take you all of five minutes or less.

But that simple act of sharing could save your loved one’s life in a car crash. We know people are spending far more time on the road than they used to – 51 minutes per day on average – and that trend isn’t going to change in 2020.

Real Information for Real Life

We also know that people of all ages are hungry for real information on safety. They want to cut through the corporate hype, lower their health and safety risks, and live longer. Your resolution to share your Auto Grade, based on your car’s performance in real-life crashes not laboratory tests, can help them do that, too.

97 Percent of respondents told us they’d recommend Auto Grades to family and friends.

If you haven’t done that already, please consider taking a moment to help spread the word.

As 2020 begins, many people will resolve to change what they put in their bodies. More water and leafy greens, anyone.

But you can be the person who also resolves to change what you put your body in.

So whatever 2020 brings, you know you’ll be well protected on the road.

Working together to create a world where everyone walks away from a crash.