Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord Safety Rating – Which is Safer?

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We are often asked to compare two popular cars – this is our first response to a frequent comparison, the 2017 Toyota Camry versus the Honda Accord.

Overall, the Camry gets a better grade, but there are some age groups where the Accord performs better.

The key to these car safety ratings, for the overall and the age and gender specific Auto Grades:

A, A-:                    Top tier in terms of driver protection.

B+, B, B-:              Better-than-average

C+, C, C-:              At or below average

D+, D, D-, F:        Lowest tiers

A quick look shows that for drivers over 50, men did better in a Camry, whereas women did better in an Accord. For the 31-50 age group, women did better in both vehicles than the men. But, if he had to choose, the Camry has a better track record for men than the Accord.

For the drivers under 30 years old, both vehicles have top tier and above average track records for protecting these young drivers. But, a highly rated car also requires good driver behavior.

If you do not like the Auto Grade for your particular age and gender, we suggest that your shop around and find a vehicle with as much of the safety features that you can afford. Though these features can be more expensive, your insurance may be a little less and in the end, keep you safer.

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