Auto Opinions: An Interview with a Young Professional about Cars and Car Safety

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Hello dear readers! In this installment of The Auto Professor, we’re trying out a new format. Since there are so many people like you (and like us) who like to talk about cars, we want to give them voice.  So we’re doing a little interview about cars, driving and safety. This first interview is with Seth Erdman, a young business professional. After checking the safety ratings, he’s thinking about buying a bigger car. Let us know what you think, maybe we’ll interview you next!

Q: What was your first vehicle?

A: 2006 Honda Civic

Q: What is your current vehicle?

A: 2014 Toyota Camry

Q: What is your current dream car?

A: 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Let’s check the Auto Grade ratings:
    • First: 2006 Honda Civic: C-
    • Current: 2014 Toyota Camry: C+
    • Dream: 2019 Toyota 4Runner: A

Q: How many miles do you drive a year?

A: 20,000 – 25,000

Q: Why is it important to you to find a safe vehicle to drive?

A: Well, I do take a lot of road trips. Whether it is just a few hours away all the way to driving to Texas to visit my family often. I do have younger siblings that I drive around often as well as my girlfriend so it’s not only me at risk of being hurt if anything were to happen. I would like a safe vehicle to transport not only myself but my friends and family. I am not like others trying to find the nicest and fastest car around but instead something that is reliable and is safe to get from point A to B.

Q: Have you been in any accidents?

A: Thankfully, I have not been in any car accidents before but, I have hit a few curbs in my time which has popped my tire where it could have caused an accident. It has made me worry about driving a small vehicle which is why I am trying to pick up a bigger vehicle like the 4Runner where I don’t have to worry about small curbs or road hazards.

Q: What do you think about your car choices after reviewing the ratings?

A: I have never looked at safety ratings before and I am glad that my cars are positively going up in ratings. I will look into the website going forward when I am ready to make my next purchase because it is important that me and others can be safe while driving.

Q: What did you think about the website?

A: The website is very easy to use and straight to the point without having to read a million articles before getting to the answer you’re looking for. Also being able to get your personalized auto grade is a great feature to have.

Q: Tell us about your company

A: I help grow businesses quickly through automated lead generation systems. At Leadli, we have a truly tested customer acquisition system, and have helped over 100 businesses generate quality conversations with their dream prospects every month!


Ready to check the Auto Grade safety ratings on your current and dream cars? Try it out for yourself:

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